Side Effects of Tea

Side Effects of Tea

Side Effects of Tea

Side Effects of Tea Overview  

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Side Effects of Tea

Till just two hundred years ago, there was no tea in the Indian house. Today, everyone serves the guest for the first tea. This change is the gift of the British. Many people take tea throughout the day in the office, even in fasting. If you go to any doctor, he will ask him to leave the wine and cigarette, but not tea, just because it was not taught to him and he himself is a slave to it. However, if you go to a good Ayurveda physician, he will advise you not to drink tea first. The green leaf of tea is not wrong in boiling in water, but where it is a ferment, all the evils that are black are in it. Let us know how? Finally, be sure to read the option:- In our warm country, tea increases more heat, bile increases. Available in the body by consuming tea
Vitamins are destroyed. Its intake leads to weakness in memory. -Tea intake adversely affects the liver.

Disadvantage of Tea

  1. Tea intake plays an important role in eliminating the actual heat of blood etc.
  2. The intake of milk tea adversely affects the pancreas and causes damage to digestion.
  3. Caffeine available in tea adversely affects the heart, so excess intake of tea often helps in producing heart disease Happens.
  4. The caffeine content in tea is six percent which also weakens the body’s ingredients with contamination of the blood.
  5. Drinking tea makes the blood messy and the red pimples are removed on the face.
  6. People who drink a lot of tea their bowel fails. Constipation is increased and there is difficulty in stool removal.
  7. Drinking tea to having cancer there is also a possibility.
  8. Tea causes neurological disturbances, weakness, and gas in the abdomen.
  9. Drinking tea also increases the complaint of insomnia.
  10. Tea leads to neurological disturbances.
  11. Weak bladder or urinary tracts from uric acid available in tea occurs, as a result of which tea consuming The person has a problem of frequent urination.
  12. This causes the teeth to deteriorate. -If you do not use tea sold at railway stations or T stalls, it would be better because they continue to make tea many times without cleaning the vessel, which sometimes makes tea poisonous. It would be better if you never heat the tea again.
  13. Market tea is often in the face of the aluminum
    Is made by the Khadka. Apart from tea, this aluminum also does not play a lesser role in ruining the stomach system.
  14. At times, we put the remaining tea in the thermos, so do not forget to use the tea in the thermos for too long. Boil the tea leaves as much as possible and throw the tea leaves used once the tea is formed.
  15. Anemia is caused by the absence of iron in the body. – Caffeine is addictive. Addiction is always bad.
  16. More tea makes it smelly. The intestinal muscles also become harsher.
  17. One or more teaspoons of sugar with every cup of tea
    Is taken which increases weight.
  18. Often people take snacks, salted biscuits, dumplings, etc. with tea. This is a diet against. It causes skin diseases.
  19. Tea causes hunger to die, the brain starts drying, the anus and the insemination become loose. There are diseases like diabetes. Invigoration of artificial invigoration caused by sleep that blows the brain from drying, It is a big mistake.
  20. People trapped in the devastating addiction of tea and coffee make an excuse for elation and addiction like a loser gambler
    They are more and more deeply immersed. They people body, mind, mind, and They lose the money of sweat and become victims of severe illnesses.

Tea Substitutes:-

First of all, make a resolution that you will not drink tea. Will miss from two days to one week; Then the thinking was left good. Take warm water for morning freshness. If you want, mix the pieces of Amla. Give a little aloe-vera mixed. In the morning can drink putting honey lemon in hot water. – Can drink a kind of leaves or flower petals in warm water. In Japan, people drink similar tea and have health series and longevity. Never drink honeybee petals in water, sometimes of moire, sometimes jasand, parjat etc.
Drink lemongrass, tejpatta, parjat, etc. leaves or arjuna bark or cardamom, cinnamon by putting something of them in warm water.

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