Donate to PM CAREs

Donate to PM CAREs relief fund online in India to fight against Corona (Covid-19)

Donate to PM CAREs relief fund online in India to fight against Corona (Covid-19)

Donate to PM CAREs relief fund online in India to fight against Corona (Covid-19):  Welcome to our portal; you can articles online here related to Life. If you are searching tutorial to assist Donate to PM CAREs relief fund online in India to fight against Corona (Covid-19) step by step then absolutely you are in the right place.

Donate to PM CAREs relief fund online in India to fight against Corona (Covid-19)

Hi friends! How are you with your family and loved ones? I hope all of you are safe inside your home!

India has decided to have a 21-day lockdown in the country. Since then, all other services are locked up all over the country except for essential services. After seeing the situation in the world, it seems that this is the only way to protect the whole family from the epidemic. We have to win this battle. Since the lockdown, the pictures of the country are showing emotions. With the stalled work in the cities, daily wage laborers have gone out for their villages on foot. People are walking with young children and the elderly irrespective of the distance of thousand kilometers. There are frequent stories in the media that are very sensitive.

There was no way for the country to take these steps to fight against the corona. The battle against corona is the battle between life and death and we have to win in this battle. We have to make constant efforts to avoid such a situation in India. Today, when I see the sacrifice, penance, dedication of doctors, I remember what Acharya Charak said. Acharya Charak has made a very precise point for doctors. We know that no one wants to break the rule by Government, but some are doing it because they still do not understand the seriousness of this. If you break the 21-day lockdown rule, it will be difficult to avoid viruses.

Behaving poorly is not justified, you may have seen, the banking services have been kept on by the Government and the banking sector people are in your service leading this fight with all their heart. Today, these services are not small. Many people did not have any symptoms of the virus, even if they had quarantine. This is because they have returned from abroad, so, when people are showing so much responsibility, it is not justified to behave poorly with them. Social distance means physical distance, not the distance of mind, Social distances do not mean making a distance of mind from each other, but also preventing the infection from spreading to others while retaining the physical distance and protecting themselves from infection. It does not mean the rape of an infected person or a person suspected of infection.

Individuals, Organizations, and Governments are working with the marginalized and vulnerable in the wake of the nationwide lockdown. Please follow and obey all the government instructions and guidelines very well to overcome from this virus although still few peoples are neglecting the same, in this regard I remembered a story that I had received by a gentleman, and I would like to present it to all of you today – In a village, it is declared, the flood is going to come to the village, all the villages are evacuated and moved to the high place, all the village villages are evacuated and moved to the high place except only one villager that was a devotee of God did not go and said that I have a lot of faith in my Lord. The Sarpanch (Mukhiya) of the village, the chieftain, came and explained a lot but he did not. The floodwater grew, he climbed the roof of the house, and some of the boat rescue workers came to save them and refused to go with them and said that I had full confidence in God, God would save me. The floodwater grew and the water began to touch the roof and then came to save them from the helicopter, but he refused to go with them and said, “I have full confidence in God, God will save me. The floodwater grew and the devotee shunned and died finally.

When the devotee died and came to God, he angrily said to God, I was a devotee of you; I had full confidence in you, so why didn’t you save me. Lord Ji smiled and spoke – Came to save you in the form of villagers, Sarpanch, rescue workers in the boat and in a helicopter but you weren’t willing to obey.

So friends! Government, The administrations, Doctors, and all of you are advising to get out of this calamity; it is also the form of God in away. Follow their advice as God’s counsel. It’s all for our good, if you have life, you have the world!!

So it’s my humble request to all of you please follow and obey all the government instructions and guidelines very well to overcome from this virus, we can get involved in some different things inside the home during this lockdown like own tuitions to your lovely kids, reading good books, stories, giving your valuable knowledge transfer to others by blogging websites & video posts through social tools and helping nearby needy persons as well as Government, Organizations, and Individuals who are working with the vulnerable and marginalized in the wake of the nationwide COVID-19 lockdown across the world.

We can do more than our usual days during this period only by maintaining the social distancing means physical distance and also prevent the infection from spreading to others. This can be understood by this story In this story, two friends seem to be betting that if he spends 1 month in solitude without having to talk to anyone in a room, he will give him 10 Lakh in cash. Meanwhile, if he doesn’t meet the condition, he will lose.

The first friend accepts these conditions. He is put locked away in an empty house. Just two-time meals and some books were given to him.

When he started living there alone, 1 day 2 days, the mind was restored from the books and then he began to exasperate. He was told that even if he was out of tolerance, he could give a hint of ringing the bells and he would be taken out of there.

As the days passed, he began to take one hour for ages. He screams, shouts, but does not call anyone outside by taking care of the condition. He would have been tormented by his hair, cries, abuses, meaning the agony of loneliness began to make him horrible, but he would remember the condition and stop himself. A few days later, a strange peace began to occur within him. Now he did not feel the need of anybody. He just sat silent. He stopped screaming at the very quiet.

Here, his friend began to worry that the days were passing on the day of a month, but his friend was not coming out.

The last 2 days of the month were left, and the friend’s business went bankrupt. He now began to worry about where he would give him so much money if his friend won the bet. He plans to shoot her and goes to kill her. When he reaches there, he is not surprised. That friend goes from there just a day before a month of bet and a letter leaves his friend’s name.

The letter reads: Dear friend of these days, I have found something that no one can pay. I have been alone and have enjoyed the happiness of immense peace, and I have also known that the more needs we have, the more we get immense joy and peace, I have known the immense love of God these days. That is why I am breaking this condition on my behalf and now I don’t need your condition money.

Understand from this quote that does not put yourself in annoyance, anxiety, and fear in this test of lockdown, feel the closeness of the supreme soul and try to see life from a new perspective, It will also have no good and surrender everything to God.

It would be good to believe. Follow lockdown. Be safe; protect the family, society, and the nation. After the lockdown, you have to work hard, for yourself, family, and nation… To improve the country’s declining economy

Donate to PM CAREs relief fund online in India to fight against Corona (Covid-19)

To fight and combat the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on 28th March 2020 (Saturday) announced the Prime Minister’s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situations Fund (PM CAREs) and said people to contribute into PM CAREs account whatever they can. To donate the PM relief fund, should know these steps while doing donation fund transaction online through Governments official websites –

The PM CAREs fund accepts micro-donations too as it will strengthen this disaster management capacity and encourage research on protecting citizens from this novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Let’s make India healthier and more prosperous for our future generations. To make a contribution to the PM CARES fund via online payment method, please follow the steps given below –

Donate to PM CAREs relief fund online in India to fight against Corona (Covid-19)

1. Visit or click here to visit the official website.

Image - 1

2. Click on the yellow button like “CLICK HERE FOR DONATION DETAILS” a popup will appear with bank account details as well as a yellow button “CLICK HERE FOR ONLINE DONATION” and below PM CARES QR Code to scan & Pay with Bhim UPI app

Image - 2

3. You can choose any one option from there like note the bank account details to transfer the fund, QR code generated, or click on “CLICK HERE FOR ONLINE DONATION” as shown in the above screen.

4. After click on the online donation button, you will be redirected to State Bank Collect page, here you should have to tick the checkbox and click on the “Proceed” button to proceed for payment

Image - 3

5. On the next page, you should have to select the Payment Category dropdown as “Donation” then form will appears which we need to be filled. Click on the “Submit” button once filled.

Image - 4

6. Now you should to click on “Confirm” button your details in the confirmation screen and then another screen will appear –

Image - 5

7. Now in the new screen, you have to select the payment method whatever you want and click on “Click Here”, in my case I have selected left in top first option i.e. “State Bank of India–Net Banking”

Image - 6

8. Now there will appear your payment gateway login screen where you have to log in your bank account, in my case I have entered my user ID and Password and clicked on Login button –

Image - 7

9. In the next screen, you have to click on the “Confirm” button, and then there will appear one another screen –

Image - 8

10. In the next screen also you have to click on the “Confirm” button and then there will appear another screen –

Image - 9

11. Now in the next screen, it will ask for your internet banking transaction password, you have to enter this one into the password text field and then click on “Confirm” button.

Image - 10

12. Now in next screen, your transaction will be processed successfully and it will be displayed with required details along with PDF copy of transaction receipt or invoice, you can click on it to download –

Image - 11

13. After click on PDF transaction receipt or invoice, the next screen will show like below, where it will show the Print button to print the same (transaction receipt).

Image - 12

So, a list of payment options appears, pick the one that’s suitable to you and complete your payment. Now it will be redirected to its invoice page once the payment is done.

Donate to PM CAREs relief fund online in India to fight against Corona (Covid-19)

Following are the modes of payments available on website –

Cash deposits at any branch using Bank account details

Debit Cards and Credit Cards

Internet Banking

UPI (PhonePe, BHIM, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Mobikwik, and PayTM, etc)


Bank account detail of PM CAREs relief fund –

Image - 13

QR code of BHIM UPI to scan and & Pay

Image - 14

Donations to this fund will be exempted from income tax under section 80(G), to download the important contact details of Organizations and Individuals working with the vulnerable and marginalized in the wake of the nationwide COVID-19 lockdown – Please click here.

Assuming this tutorial post has well-acquainted aspiring to the complete requirement.

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